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Hello clients!

This is a website for industry and business sectors: Import/export or build/set up business in Vietnam

By our many year experience in Vietnam industry, there are questions we usually heard:

  • How to establish an enterprise in Viet Nam?
  • How to rent a factory or warehouse in Vietnam?
  • How to source products from Vietnam?
  • How to monitor QA-QC and shipment for products from Vietnam?
  • How to set up a factory/warehouse in Viet Nam?

Our  vision hereby created in order to help clients visualize all matter above in a quickest way and faciliate your business in Vietnam. Let’s reaching us in chatbox, email or  viber/wechat: +8438 508 0160 (free chat).

Because, there are hundreds of  business lines, industrial zones, 63 provinces in Viet Nam, each with slightly different investment environment and slightly different procedure. 

After years of doing business globally, We know that the demand of Vietnam goods increasing annually. We built 2 wood factories (Tasa and Hoang Hung) that are producing Wooden bench, swing for many customers in Europe and North America.

Best regards!