How to establish an enterprise with foreign-owned capital

How to establish an enterprise with foreign-owned capital

How to establish an enterprise with foreign-owned capital

2020-updated-law and regulation to enterprises with foreign-owned capital. Enterprises should know new regulations, new favors of investment in Viet Nam and many may feel awkward, hard to absorb. We ’d like to guide you on how to establish a foreign-owned capital enterprise in a very simple way:

1. Objects applied

  • To company with foreign-owned capital 1% to 100% from the start.
  • A company with foreign-owned capital (already had investment certificate) continues to establish an economic entity, capital joining, buy stock, etc.

2. Legal formalities process:

  • Step 1: Register investment to provincial people’s committee (to projects belong to the investment decisions). A document including Apply letter, ID card or passport, technical and equipment explanation, etc. Then submit to the Investment registration agency and waiting for 1 to several weeks.
  • Step 2: Apply for investment registration certificate: To projects belong to the investment decisions. The investment registration agency will offer an investment certificate to the client within 5 days of working from the day they receive investment decision letters. To projects not belong to the investment decisions. The investor must follow the procedure as follow:
    • Register online all information of the project to the Foreign investment agency. Within 15 days from the day registered, investors must apply documents for Investment certificates to the Investment registration agency.
    • After the Investment registration agency received the document, Investor is rendered an account to access to National information system about foreign investment and to monitor the status of the document process there. A document including application letter, Id card copy, bank account’s balance, contract of renting office and etc.
  • Step 3: Establish, get business registration certificate: This step actioned after receive an Investment registration certificate. A document including application letter, member list, id card, the decision of business establishment, investment registration certificate and some document from the embassy. And submit to the business registration agency.
  • Step 4: Stamp (ready for operation).

Note: We just show you the procedure to get certificates and how to establish an enterprise in Viet Nam in a very simple explanation, so that you can imagine the overall picture and save your time. In particular, depending on each product, the scale of manufacturing or each province with slightly different investment environments, etc.  There are many steps remaining.
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