How do I find a supplier (or build a factory) in Vietnam?

How do I find a supplier (or build a factory) in Vietnam?

How do I find a supplier (or build a factory) in Vietnam?

Many clients are conducting research to locate potential manufacturers for their products, and to investigate the possibility of acquiring (or design build) a manufacturing facility in Vietnam. But they do not have a current contacts to assist with business relations in Vietnam. This is a question that every investor who interests in Viet Nam will care about.

Foreign companies that want to source product from Vietnam, either find an existing supplier or build their own factory. But do not know where is the right route : How to find the existing supplier? Can we build our own factory in Viet Nam ? How about the cost, tax, logistics in Viet Nam, etc.

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Hear are some helpful sources that provide information of suppliers:

1.Asian Factories in Viet Nam

Investors from Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, and other Asian economies can be a good source of supply. For example, there are about 5,000 factories from Taiwan established in the Ho Chi Minh City area, and they are familiar with international trade practices.

We can send an email asking about potential suppliers to

Commercial Officer at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in HCM City

Korean Chamber of Commerce in HCM City

Hong Kong Business Association of Vietnam .

HCM CityJapan Business Association in HCM City

2.Vietnamese Industry Associations

VITAS Vietnam Textile and Apparel Association is a non-governmental and non-profit organization representing the interests of all textile and apparel firms in Vietnam, foreign and domestic, with the Government of Vietnam, other governmental bodies and international organizations. It promotes VN textile and apparel products in World Markets.

HAWA Handicraft and Wood Industry Association of Ho Chi Minh City is the leading trade association for handicraft and wood industry in Vietnam representing more than 330 companies mainly in the field of wood processing and furniture manufacturing.

LEFASO Vietnam Leather & Footwear Association An industry association of about 200 companies in leather and footwear businesses.

VIETFOOD Vietnam Food Association is an organization of enterprises operating in the field of production, processing and trading of food, agricultural produces and other products processed from food. Member companies account for 98% of Vietnam’s total food exports, including Vietnam’s high quality rice.

3.Local Economic Development and Investment Promotion Agencies

There are also Vietnamese government agencies that specialize in helping foreign companies identify suppliers or investment locations. For example, the Investment & Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) of the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee provides local and foreign businesses with trade leads and investment information, match-making and consulting services, and acts as an efficient bridge between local enterprises and foreign counterparts.

The Vietnam Chamber of Commerce & Industry (VCCI) also cooperates closely with us at AmCham to promote trade and investment between Vietnam and the world.

The DIZA – Dong Nai Industrial Zones Authority of the Dong Nai province People’s Committee has assisted over 678 foreign direct investment (FDI) projects from 30 countries and territories with investment capital of USD 7.845 billion, ranking third in the nation in FDI, and probably first in the nation in FDI in manufacturing facilities. DIZA manages 32 industrial zones, and is a very proactive partner in working with businesses seeking to source from or invest in Vietnam..

The HEPZA – Ho Chi Minh City Export Processing and Industrial Zones Authority of the Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) People’s Committee manages 11 industrial zones with one new one under construction (Cat Lai).

4.Clearview consultancy – Business Service Providers

As Clients know procedure, preference for investment in one country are the major factor in making one’s  investment decision in that country.

But there are hundreds of  business lines, industrial zones, 63 provinces in Viet Nam. Each with slightly different investment environment and slightly different procedure. The complication is going to bring awkwardness to many investors who have never known about that country and damp someone’s ardour.

By our consultancy the clients may have a roadmap. If clients decide to invest in Viet Nam. No one else, we are the best choice for you to take care all authority’s procedure with the cheapest remuneration.

Our skilled members are from many fields of business: Construction, Legal, IT, Design who were actively supporting to many foreign companies and with many years of experience.

Our vision created in order to help clients from worldwide who want to invest in Viet Nam from the infancy stage to visualize and comprehend matters above in a quickest way.

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5.The Foreign Companies in Vietnam Yearbook

The Foreign Companies in Vietnam Yearbook is a researched company database of major international companies in Vietnam. A unique Vietnamese companies directory, the Foreign Companies in Vietnam Yearbook database provides hard-to-find information on this growing emerging market. The Vietnam Yearbook also covers detailed international company profiles on parent company head offices worldwide.

6.Other Directories

There are a few directories that may be helpful. Probably one of the most familiar to foreign companies is the Vietnam Yellow Pages, a member of the YELLOW PAGES ASSOCIATION.

Vietnam Trademarks on the Internet will help you find brand-owners’ company names and contact points, along with a link to their web sites.Mekong Research Company Directory is a proprietary online database containing data and information on thousands of Vietnamese and foreign-invested companies, which will help clients identify suitable investment and outsourcing partners, or manufacturers of specific products.