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There are frequently asked questions from foreign customers:

– How to start a business in Vietnam as a foreigner?

– How to open a company in Vietnam?

– How are tax incentives for foreign investors?

– Is it possible to register a company remotely?

Are you ready to start business in Vietnam ? or you are just in the stage of researching about Vietnam?

Fortunately,  Here is the right place that can answear that both questions.

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1. How to start a business in Vietnam?

To start a business or a manufacturing factory in Vietnam as a foreigner you must own a legal entity. There are 4 common legal entities as following:

  1. Limitetd liability company (LLC)
  2. Joint stock company (JSC)
  3. Branch
  4. Representative office

Depending on your product, scale of business, members, etc. that will determine the type of legal entity:

-For Branch or Representative office, it is not necessary to open a company in Vietnam but the business activities are limited.

-To earn revenue from your business activities or your production in Vietnam, you should own a company, there are 2 common types : Limited liability company and Joint stock company.

There are 5 steps to open a company in Vietnam:

Step 1: Register investment to provincial people’s committee. A document including Apply letter, ID card or passport, technical and equipment explanation, etc. Then submit to the Investment registration agency and waiting for 1 to several weeks.

Step 2: Apply for investment registration certificate: To projects belong to the investment decisions. The investment registration agency will offer an investment certificate to the client within 5 days of working from the day they receive investment decision letters. To projects not belong to the investment decisions. The investor must follow the procedure as follow:

  • Register online all information of the project to the Foreign investment agency. Within 15 days from the day registered, investors must apply documents for Investment certificates to the Investment registration agency.
  • After the Investment registration agency received the document, Investor is rendered an account to access to National information system about foreign investment and to monitor the status of the document process there. A document including application letter, Id card copy, bank account’s balance, contract of renting office and etc.

Step 3: Establish, get business registration certificate: This step actioned after receive an Investment registration certificate. A document including application letter, member list, id card, the decision of business establishment, investment registration certificate and some document from the embassy. And submit to the business registration agency.

Step 4: Stamp (ready for operation).

Stamp will be engraved by us and provide to you after the tax code is online in the national database. The timeline of the the four-step takes at least 20 days.

Step 5: You can get a step-to-step guideline on how to register a company online or search for your enterprise information from the national portal Here.

Dossiers you must prepare in your country to open a company in Vietnam, 100% remote, Click Here.

Fortunately, establishing a company or open a representative office in Vietnam can be outsourced.

You are highly recommended that you should understand about Vietnam environment first, then think about open a company or start a business in Vietnam.

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Here comes a need:

How to understand about Vietnam environment? or how to work with Vietnam’s authorities?

We guess you’d really need a reliable nominee, such nominee is very helpful in the interim. An eligible nominee shall do many legal documents, get business certificates, apply for visa, find office and accomodation on your behalf while you are still in your country.

In fact, without a nominee, foreigners can not do anything with authorities and legal documents. Besides the profession issues, it is about languague barricade and culture issue.

We are Clearview, our vision created to help foreigners clear about Vietnam and bring an ease for them by FAST, ACCURATE, RELIABLE, REMOTE Service.

What you get from us?

-Free consultancy for your business line: tax, setup cost, low cost office.

-Save your time: just one time sign off documents remotely which are provided and guided by us.

-End to end service during your operation in Vietnam: tax accounting, tax report, work permit, resident card, audit, making contract.


2. If you are researching about Vietnam. Here is the library for you

Definitely you would somehow know about Vietnam such as low labor cost, strategic location, stable politics, located in Southeast Asia, etc.

To think about business in Vietnam, you’d need to know more about Vietnam :


Let’s ask us questions, our team’ll give you right and quick answears .


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I thought about doing business in Vietnam 2 years ago, but did not know how to open a company there. I could not flight again and again between Vietnam and U.K. Fortunately, by the help of, I saved a lot of time and flight tickets, it is 100% remote.
Mr. Gerry
Director of Laocai Eco plus.
As a foreigner: laguage barricade, unkown about vietnam regulations. It is lucky to know, it has helped us with convenient services: free consulting for visa and resident card, open a company, making contracts with suppliers, tax accounting and tax report during our operation.
Mr. Park Sung Gun
Director of Nespes company based in Korea.
Firstly, we thought to open a representative office in Vietnam with the name Nepes like in Korea to do business in Vietnam. But we were wrong then, by the consultancy of VnClearView we got that a representative office, its business activities are limited and even can not make financial transactions. After 2 years we realize that VnClearView helped us go the right way by open a LLC.
Members of Clearview have years of experience in industry and business registration. Served hundreds of clients.
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