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Client sends money to the registered bank to fulfill tax duty.

During oprating in Vietnam, a company must report TAX monthly (or quarterly) OR will get heavy penalties.

To report tax: First, you must have accounting profession to make tax statements.

A good accountant is a guy who knows and uses accounting regulations wisely, flexibly to maximize profit. You should understand this matter and have an optimized tax planning before stepping in Vietnam .

To see why tax optimization is so important , click HERE.

Fortunately, in Vietnam, tax report and tax accounting can be outsourced.


Here are taxes that need for monthly (or quarterly) report :

a-Personal income tax (PIT) : Corporate must pay for each employee more than 20% of his salary, wage for social insurance, unemployment insurance, etc.

If knowing accounting profession, legally, a corporate just pays much lower than that. See how we calculate PIT.

Payroll tax in Viet Nam
Personal income tax
2%, 5% resident, 20% non-resident
Social security
Trade union fee
Health insurance
3% for both local and foreign employees
Social insurance
3.5% for foreign, 17.5% for local employees
Unemployment insurance
1% for local employees


b-Corporate income tax (CIT): The standard corporate income tax is 20 % , but the actual payable tax may be much lower than that, it depends on your business line, location, preferences from the government and your accounting profession.

Let’s see how we calculate CIT here : Corporate income tax calculation 2020 .

c-Import-export tax:

Import/export tax = Quantity printed on the invoice x Assessable price on per unit x Tax rate of each goods.

Assessable price on per unit:

+Import : it is CIF (price includes insurances + freight charges )

+Export : It is FOB (price excludes insurances + freight charges)

Tax rate of each goods:

As prescribed by circular 182/2015/TT-BTC and 216/2009/TT-BTC .

Let’s see how we calculate im-export tax here : import and export tax calculation .

d-Value added tax (VAT) :

Let’s see how we calculate im-export tax here : calculating VAT .

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