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If you are going to travel to Vietnam, it is crucial to understand the visa type which fits your trip purpose or long stay or short stay ? in order to avoid any unexpected problem, also save time and cost. 

Also, there are 2 Visas for that you can apply 100% online : tourist visa or business visaVisa on arrival and E-visa (please check the embedded link for the detail). People almost get Visa 100% online, the e-result returns to your email. The e-result is the legal permission for you to board the plane to Vietnam. No hard document, no embassy visit necessary.

Here are 5 most popular visas:


There are FQAs about tourist : can i use tourist visa for working ? or can i live in Vietnam 1 year with tourist visa?

Answear :

-Tourist visa can not be used to work in Vietnam .

-Tourist visa for citizen from all countries has only 1 to 3 months validity. Except the US citizens with 1 year validity and multiple entry.



Business visa will allow you come Vietnam for business purpose.

Let’s read more about business visa Here .

At the moment, there are 03 ways to get a business visa to Vietnam, namely:

  • Getting a Vietnam visa on arrival (VOA – highly recommended as no sponsor letter from a Vietnam company is not required to application); and
  • Getting a Vietnam embassy visa.



It is issued to foreigners who come to work in Vietnam, It is valid for 12 months at maximum. In case you wish to stay in Vietnam for longer, you need to apply for an LD temporary residence card which is valid for up to 02 years.  Read more about work visa.

The most important document for Vietnam work visa application is a work permit

How to get Vietnam work visa?

  1. You need to request the company in Vietnam for which you will work to apply for an Vietnam visa approval letter at Vietnam Immigration Department; and then
  2. You will then get visa stamped at Vietnam mission in foreign countries or at your port of entry upon your arrival there, depending on the type of visa approval letter you are issued.



Vietnam visa on arrival (also known as Vietnam landing visa, or Vietnam airport visa) is a convenient alternative way to obtain valid permission to visit Vietnam. It can be granted at one of Vietnam international airports upon arrival.

To obtain the visa on arrival for Vietnam, you need to get a visa approval letter in advance.

Visa approval letter is a document issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department (Vietnam Ministry of Public Security) via an agent to the travelers. It functions as an official permission allowing its owner(s) to board the flight to Vietnam and get visa stamped onto the passport upon arrival at Vietnam airport.

It is completed online without any document, even a sponsor letter from a Vietnam company.



Vietnam e-visa or Vietnam electronic visa has been introduced by the Vietnam Immigration Department since 2017. This kind e-visa is applied and issued online, for 90 countries.

An e-visa for Vietnam is valid for 30 days only with a single entry only.



Citizens of certain countries may visit Vietnam without a visa for a certain period of time.

Check your eligibility Here .

Members of Clearview have years of experience in helping our clients with Visa. We guarantee to offer you 100% :

Viet nam visa process may take from 3 days up to a month, depending on your eligibility

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