How is the trend of Factory/warehouse type in Viet Nam?

How is the trend of Factory/warehouse type in Viet Nam?

How is the trend of Factory/warehouse type in Viet Nam?

The industrial real estate market is showing positive signs as the number of foreign-invested enterprises in Vietnam is increasing year by year, resulting in rising demand for specific workshops to meet technical requirements and maximise utility.

Therefore, in recent years, the trend of renting ready-built factories and building workshops based on customer requirements (Built-to-suit) has widely developed in many localities throughout the country.

Built-to-suit workshops are always designed and built flexibly by investors in accordance with requirements of enterprises, meeting standards of each manufacturing industry.

The ready-built factory market in Vietnam is becoming very bustling, satisfying the diverse leasing demand of customers.

In addition, the demand for warehouses also increases, with the logistics segment seeing positive changes.

The logistics market is said to be one of the most important factors to further develop industrial real estate in Vietnam.

Experts said that the logistics market will develop “prominently” in the next 5-10 years.

According to Savills Vietnam, international-standard management and operation companies are expanding their position and influence in Vietnam’s  logistics industry by providing additional services such as supervising and managing inventory, packaging and labelling.

International outsourced logistics service providers are investing more in Vietnam, and this will help promote the development of more modern facilities.

By 2018, Vietnam had 80,000 hectares of land for industrial zone development, mostly in the northern, central and southern key economic regions.

Depend on your capital, your product, your scale of business. Let wisely choose : rent a warehouse/ factory or build it from the gound.

By our estimation: with a long term company in Vietnam, choose to build your own warehouse/ factory is much cheaper than leasing it. Read this post for more detail: Cost to build a factory in Vietnam .

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