Vietnam Clothing Wholesale

Vietnam Clothing Wholesale

Vietnam, A country on the rise, Low labor cost, Free trade agreements (FTAs) have been signed with many big countries and rigions around the world. Importing clothing from Vietnam comes with a multitude of benefits that can help you secure a nifty profit. However, it can be a frustrating and challenging process considering cultural gap, language barrier.

Now “” or Vietnam Clothing Wholesale can serve you conveniently, saving cost and time, low MOQ accept. to see some popular bag, garment models).

1. What kind of clothing you can import from Vietnam?

Some prominent types of garments produced in Vietnam are:

  • T-shirts
  • Hoodies / sweat shirts
  • Jackets
  • Pants
  • Dresses
  • Pajamas
  • Formal wear
  • Children’s clothing
  • Home textiles
  • Bag
  • And more

2. Normal steps to import clothes from Vietnam Clothing Wholesale or factories

2.1 Make sure what you want it specifically and must prepare these things first in your mind: SIZE CHARTS-DESIGN-MATERIAL SPECIFICATIONS.

Make sure that you do not ask these questions to factories, because they do not know what you want, they just produce custom products as what you want.

2.2 Order an available sample from Vietnam factory to your country OR you can send your own sample to the factory, ask them to do the exact, then send it back to you. So you can see the quality, it is also like a proof of a factory profile

2.3 You can either provide your own cloth to the factory or ask the factory provide cloth as your requirements

2.4 Once you satisfied with the sample, terms, PLACE ORDER

2.5 Labelling (if any)

Make sure the labeling complies with the regulations in destination countries, i.e., fiber composition tag, logo tag, place of origin, washing tag, etc.

2.6 Pre-quality check before shipment

You can deploy your guys or a third party to verify the standard quality before shipment

3. Is it better to buy clothing from Vienam, instead of China?

China is the 2nd largest economy in the world, while Vietnam stands 37th. In Clothing industry, Vietnam is arguably much better than China. Here are reasons:

  • China government now more focuses on High tech and less focus on low tech like Garment because this industry uses a large amount of labor, but bring low revenue. So there are not much incentives from China government for this industry. While Vietnam export tax for enterprises is 0%.
  • Many chinese clothing factories moved to Vietnam.
  • Vietnamese worker’s minium wage is just as low as half of Chinese’s. d-Vietnam has signed a lot of FTAs with the US and EU, that will elimilate tariffs from both sides to 0%.


  1. What is a standard MOQ from Vietnamese clothing factories? With big factories (More than 500 workers) MOQ is normally more than 1000 pcs per sample order, if it is less than 1000, it is hard to negotiate with them. With small factories, MOQ can be from 50.
  2. Buy clothing directly from Vietnam Factory better than Vietnam Wholesale? That is not really true, many people misunderstand about this notion seriously. Buy from factory when your store needs a large amount of clothing and counted by containers, but some time it is even more expensive than that in Vietnam Clothing Wholesale, because the wholesales know how to deal with the market, they know where is the cheapest raw material, they optimized their factories and supply chain overtime in terms of price-quality-shipment. And important, the wholesale agents accept low MOQ.
  3. What is the quickest way to negotiate with Vietnamse clothing factories? Do not waste your time by trying to ask manufacturers: i want to order this clothing …pcs, the others …pcs. Instead be specific with your mind first: what do you want technically?, how MOQ?-> Then ask for the sample.
  4. How to find a list of Vietnam clothing manufacturer? It is not easy to have a list of factories, it takes time, and it is not sure you can order the right sample you want, because each Vietnam factory has its own pros and cons. The Quickest way to diversify your store is going through a Vietnam clothing wholesale.

If you want to order small MOQ (from 10 to 100 pcs or more), Please order or send your sample to us (WhatsApp: +8438 508 0160) Or through this wesbsite: We will do it accordingly fastest possible.

  • Our factory is located in the North (Close to China), is a small-medium sized factory, which is please to accept low MOQ from buyers all over the world.
  • Accept pre quality check before shipment.

Please order the Sample and have a look at some Clothing samples we ‘ve made before (Click Here).

About Us:

From 2010 we are a sourcing agent that helps buyers from worldwide to source suitable product, pre quality check. Since that we know that which vietnam products are most desirabl wordwide. We saw the opportunity, we were confident that the Vietnam Clothing industry would overwhelm China’s.

From 2020 We become a Vietnam wholesale Company, together with a medium sized factory, we are confident to supply Good quality clothing, bag, Low MOQ to small-medimum enterpries worldwide.

Service In One: Consulting-Manufacturing-Shipment

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